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At Unbridled Productions, we are passionate about connecting companies with their people through intentionally crafted event production. Whether in person, virtual, or hybrid, our team ensures that your audience gets the optimal experience. From design sketches, custom buildouts, and renders, to technical direction and audio/visual fulfillment, our clients are equipped with a Production Manager and Executive Producer to lead them every step to the stage.



Stage Design,

Renders & Floorplans


& Hybrid Events

Presentation Design

& Optimization



Audio & Visual








Speaker Coaching

& Speech Writing

Our Work

We are passionate about designing and activating the stories that matter most to you and your attendees.


Meet Our Team

As a close-knit team of talented Producers, Production Managers and Technical Directors, we offer centuries of combined show knowledge and a roster of relationships that span the globe.

Kevin Miller

President // Partner

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Passionate about so many aspects of life, Kevin is known as Opa to his Grandkids. This nickname derives from his childhood look-a-like, Opie Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show and has stuck with him as a life long nickname. Opie (Kevin) was introduced to the events production industry through the Navy when he was assigned as the AV manager for the White House. After the Navy Kevin continued his A/V career by managing A/V staging companies where he met Unbridled. After some persuasion, Kevin was brought into Unbridled and created Unbridled Productions and is the President and Partner of the company. Outside of work, Kevin can be found listening to Garth Brooks and drinking Old Fashions.

Andrea Albert

Executive Producer // Partner

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Andrea joined the events world right after college, producing and designing private events and charity galas in South Florida and New York. After seven years in the private events industry, Andrea took a leap of faith and moved across the country to Denver. She joined Unbridled in 2012 and became a Partner of Unbridled Productions in 2018. Andrea has more than 18 years of experience in event production and has thrived as a Production Manager-turned-Executive Producer for 10+ years. She excels at creating relationships with clients and making their dreams become reality on stage. Andrea spends her time off traveling around the world, showcasing her foodie dreams, and spending as much time as she can with her family in Texas and Florida!

Don Ceppi

Executive Producer // Partner

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Beginning his career at Unbridled in 2011, Don was hired to fulfill the goal of launching Productions as a full service offering of Unbridled Solutions. Now a Partner at Unbridled Productions, his passion for intentionally crafted events and for producing engaging in-person experiences is fueled by exceptional client relationships and the roar of an entertained audience. He began his career in events in 1998, with Nike, while a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Although his show schedule keeps him regularly on the road, while at home, he enjoys daily walks with his dog, Wilson, and performing as the frontman in a 70’s rock and roll cover band.

Jared Karshner

Director, Production Operations // Partner

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Joining Unbridled in 2015, Jared brings a wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled attention to detail to the team. Working on every end of production around the globe for the past 20 years, Jared’s expertise challenges traditional boundaries, and his passion for event production has led to some of our most unique and memorable corporate programs. This Indiana transplant is a true trail blazer inside the office and out – mountain biking and camping in the most remote locations during the summer, and snowboarding in the winter.

Alex Fowler

Sr. Producer // Partner

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Driven by a passion for event production and fueled by Diet Coke, Alex is a Senior Producer from St. Louis, who joined our team in 2019. With a background in Arena Event Management and experience producing concerts, family shows, USA Gymnastics & Wrestling, and Division 1 Basketball for the SLU Billikens, Alex brings over 14 years of event practice and a keen eye for scenic design. When she’s not on show, Alex can be found binging the latest true crime docuseries or waiting in a queue for Red Rocks tickets. (Fun fact: she’s seen the Avett Brothers live more than 10 times!)

Karl Nauman

Director, Production Management // Partner

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With over 15 years of experience in the events industry, this Minnesota native with a dry sense of humor, excels at making personal connections and setting his team up for success. Karl began his career as an Account Manager at an Experiential Marketing Agency where he specialized in creating memorable experiences, from whisky samplings to full build outs in large conferences, between brands and their consumers. Joining Unbridled in 2018, Karl is most proud of his work supporting a flawless event in Las Vegas that included over 3,500 attendees, bucket list performers, elaborate celebration dinner, and an incredible offsite venue. As Karl truly embodies Unbridled’s Ways of Being and is a role model to his peers, he quickly became the obvious nominee for his current position as Production Management.

Chris Luebke

Executive Producer

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With nearly a decade of experience working in regional theatre, pre-Broadway, and Cirque du Soleil, Chris brings exciting new energy to the corporate event industry. From the Azores, to Hawaii, and all the way to Iceland, Chris’ calm, easy-going personality pairs perfectly with his passion for creating and executing stunning events. Chris is a true asset to Unbridled Productions and an even better trivia teammate. Just ask him anything about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series—you won’t be disappointed!

Ian Novelo

Sr. Production Manager

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Ian’s passion for the events industry ignited in 2007 when he worked as a Pyro & SFX technician for a variety of events in Mexico. Since then, Ian has been on fire, holding many titles including Project Manager, Production Coordinator, Local Crew Coordinator and finally, Production Manager when he joined Unbridled in 2019. Ian’s intuitive grasp of the technical side of event production harmonizes perfectly with Unbridled Producers’ emphasis on creating impactful scenic designs. Ian’s inspired approach and creative experience has been integral to program success, driving universal change.

Joel Heaslip

Sr. Production Manager

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With 23 years of experience in running production audio and managing crews from Minnesota to California, Joel and his mustache joined Unbridled in 2015. Recently relocating to Texas with his family, Joel is one of our fully remote Production Managers. Despite the physical distance, Joel’s presence is felt within the office daily. Whether he is creating masterful stage renders, tackling rigging challenges, or sharing new, innovative ways to produce memorable events, Joel’s playful sense of humor inspires us all to approach perceived obstacles with a smile.

Lauren Friedrich


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Though she has a Masters Degree in Architecture, Lauren’s professional career has always followed the path of supporting people to better communicate their ideas. Having worked as a copywriter, editor, presentation coach, and graphic designer, she landed a position on the Creative Team at Unbridled in 2017, where she quickly fell in love with the Production side of events and joined Unbridled Productions one year later. Lauren’s calm demeanor and fierce attention to detail has helped her build strong client relationships and manage the full scope of content and logistical complexities. She grew up on an island and loves being on the water, but today, Lauren spends her free time exploring the mountains of Colorado with her dog.

Kellie Shurtz


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Chicago native, Kellie Shurtz, made her way out west and started her career in corporate & trade show planning (hospitality, pharmaceuticals and tech), eventually moving to venue management, and Destination Management before finding her way to Unbridled Productions in 2021. This office firecracker is most proud of her work on Chipotle AMC 2022; the number of moving pieces, talent/entertainers and sheer size of each production space came with different sets of challenges that Kellie and her team welcomed and overcame. Passionate about travel and unique cuisine, Kellie’s dream is to produce an event in Portugal.

Brandon Bradshaw

Production Manager

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Before joining the Unbridled Productions family in 2022, Brandon worked on nearly two dozen music and entertainment tours, including ‘Werq the World Tour!’ with RuPaul’s Drag Race winners. Thriving within the live entertainment industry for over 15 years, Brandon has applied his technical experience and adaptable personality to pull off the seemingly impossible for clients around the world. When he isn’t running around backstage, Brandon spends his time constructing elaborate lighting designs or traveling to exotic locations to experience unique food, art, and culture.

Ashley Summers

Associate Producer

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Ashley kicked off her career in entertainment, editing audio and video of legendary comedians for Comedy Works, a stand-up comedy club based in Denver. One of her most notable highlights was getting to work with Dave Chappelle at Red Rocks Amphitheater when he opened for John Mayer. Ashley joined Unbridled Solutions in 2020, where she worked as a Creative Project Manager overseeing all creative aspects of events, including graphics, show content, copy, and motion graphics. In the spring of 2023, she made the leap to Unbridled Productions as an Associate Producer, lending her one-of-a-kind experience to the team!

Chris Pineda

Project Manager, Production Operations

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Chris may look like the rapper Big Pun, but don’t let his stature fool you – he is described as one of the kindest members of the Unbridled Productions family! Originally from Long Island, Chris moved to Orlando in 2000 and kicked off his career doing setup and breakdown for various AV companies. An avid football fan, Chris leveraged this experience and transitioned into the role of Event Operations Manager for college football bowl games and Pro Bowls. In 2022, Chris traded palm trees for evergreens, moving to Colorado and joining Unbridled Productions.

Rachael Estabrook

Sr. Project Manager, Production Operations

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Rachael has a diverse background that revolves around large project support. Most notably, as an Experiential Marketing Agent, Rachael drove a customized 1960’s Volkswagon Buss all over the US for 6 months organizing pop-up events for Tillamook Ice Cream. She has a wide variety of event experience from managing the scope of events around the world to overseeing program curriculum in Latin America to exploring process improvement opportunities in the energy efficiency industry. Rachael is passionate about adventure and exploring the outdoors. Outside of the office, she can be found either up in the mountains hiking or skiing, roadtripping through a national park, or traveling in search of a great surf break and the best loaded nachos.

Emily Dixon


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Hailing from the Pine Tree State of Maine, Emily spent nearly a decade immersing herself in various event domains including catering, sports and experiential marketing before joining Unbridled Productions in 2022. Witnessing the enthusiastic response from attendees towards the meticulously crafted experiences is what truly fuels her passion for this profession and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to continue creating memorable events that leave a positive impact. Emily credits her accomplishments to creativity, collaboration, and evoking laughter in those around her. A true teammate on and off show, Emily loves spending her free time playing sports or anything outside with friends and family.

Evan Zeller

Production Manager

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Running audio and AV systems for events, concerts and theatrical productions since 2016, Evan was no stranger to the events industry when he joined Unbridled Productions in 2022. Evan’s unique background and passion for music has been instrumental (wink) in Unbridled’s success with corporate concert production. His patience and poise inspire his peers to approach each challenge as a learning opportunity, proving that adaptability and maintaining a positive mindset are key within this industry. Evan is not only a rockstar in the office, but is a real-life rockstar on the outside playing music around the Denver Metropolitan Area. Achieving his high school emo dream, Evan and his band opened for Emery ’68 for all 11 shows of their tour. Just ask him when his next show is, we’ll all be there!

Ty Johnson

Production Manager

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After graduating from the University of Wyoming and receiving a degree in Technical Theater, Ty took his experience in theatrical production and relocated to Denver to join the Unbridled Productions family. Ty’s background in immersive theater coupled with his limitless imagination have allowed him to transform art museums and office buildings into stunning, functional backdrops for events across the country. Sporting fancy belt buckles and rocking cowboy boots in the office, Ty motivates the people around him to always be themselves and is truly passionate about supporting his teammates and community.

Andrew Erusha

Production Manager

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After starting his career as a lighting designer for a touring production in 2012, Andrew soon discovered his passion for corporate events and quickly became a Production Manager. Before joining Unbridled Productions in 2023, Andrew worked on the Back Number Ceremony for the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas – he considers this to be one of the coolest events he’s been a part of. When Andrew isn’t on the clock, he golfs, skis, climbs, mountain bikes and cooks delicious meals for his friends.

Justin Hamblen

Sr. Production Manager

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Passionate about large-scale projects, effective team work and fostering a positive health and safety community, Justin brings his experience from regional opera houses and circus into his work with Unbridled Productions. Justin is originally from the Denver suburbs and loves calling Denver his home again while having the opportunity to travel and work with Unbridled. Denver gives him the opportunity to hike, ski and spend time with his friends and family.

Bryan Novelo

Production Manager

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Joining the Unbridled Productions family in 2023 from London, Bryan has been in the events industry for as long as he can remember. Like his brother Ian, Bryan’s experience dates all the way back to Mexico in 2007. Since then, he has worked in theatrical production management, scenic construction for festivals, pyro and SFX for rock n’ roll, and even had a short stint in stunt rigging. Bryan’s favorite venue is the Milton Court Concert Hall in London as he got to produce an incredible event that included a full band/orchestra. Outside of work, Bryan is a big fan of combat sports, woodworking, reading, cooking, yoga and hiking – most would call him the ‘whole package’.

Jamie Brownstone

Associate Producer

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Passionate about creating memorable experiences and connecting with others, this Chicago native dove into the events industry in January 2016. Working in event floral, wedding coordination, event marketing, and finally, corporate event planning, Jamie joined Unbridled Productions in 2023 with extensive industry knowledge. As she’s extremely detail-oriented, Jamie is known to keep meticulous notes of all event components and supports her team to ensure all elements are flawlessly executed. When she isn’t in the office, Jamie enjoys trying out the hottest restaurants in Denver and loves traveling—she’s been to over 28 countries!

Greg Hodgkins

Sr. Production Manager

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Greg is a Senior Production Manager originally from the Washington DC area who joined our team in 2023. With a background in Audio Engineering and Production Management, he has worked all across our country including some years spent in NYC. He has worked for Salesforce, AWS, Palo Alto, The United Nations, H&M and many other high-profile events and groups. Greg brings over 15 years of technical and logistical expertise with a high attention to detail. When he’s not on show, Greg can be found deep in the mountains rock climbing up steep faces, backpacking across peaks and passes or snowboarding in the winter. Ice climbing coming soon! Fun fact: Greg has 1 more state to go for all 50, can you guess which one?

Sydney Bivens

Operations Project Manager

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Sydney brings a wealth of experience from her background in Digital Operations, where she focused on enhancing organizational efficiency, designing essential standard operating procedures, and coordinating internal team events. Sydney’s adventurous spirit is evident in her participation in a charity bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. If you get a chance, ask her about this incredible journey! On a personal note, Sydney is a passionate cook, and her current favorite dish is a homemade take on Pad Thai. She also has a unique talent: she can hold a headstand for about 30 seconds, a skill she carried over from her childhood gymnastics days!

A family of companies under one roof

In 2001, Unbridled Solutions, LLC, became the first name in our ever-expanding group of Unbridled Companies. Since then, we have continued to generate similar businesses that have expanded our in-house capabilities and services making it easy for customers to source everything they need through one partner. From a travel agency, to corporate gifts, production, and video—each of our Unbridled services work seamlessly together to craft an integrated and captivating experience all while contributing to our charitable arm, Unbridled Acts.

  • Brand planning & marketing
  • Content activation
  • Project planning & logistics
  • Event design
  • Attendee communications & registration
  • Virtual event platform

Driven by our own curiosity and passion to tell our clients’ stories and reinforce their brand, we create video experiences using the right equipment, striking visual techniques, and our collaborative approach to engineer memorable, shareable content.

  • Video production
  • Broadcast commercials
  • Content strategy
  • Editing
  • Post-production
  • Event videography

Giftd is a corporate gifting agency specializing in branded provisions and gifts that align with our client’s voice and company culture. We are not your traditional corporate gifting agency, however. We’re a team of designers, creative thinkers, and cultural curators who connect clients with the products that people actually want.

  • Corporate Branded Goods
  • Awards
  • Branded Apparel
  • Custom Packaging
  • Fulfillment &L Logistics
  • Gift Experiences

Whether you need to transfer an executive to a destination, load up your teams for a company-wide meeting, or coordinate ground transportation for a corporate night on the town, Unbridled Travel has a team of event managers, travel agents, and nationwide affiliates to satisfy all of your air and ground operation needs, trouble-free!

  • Air transportation
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel agents
  • Nationwide affiliates
  • Charters and more

Social responsibility is an integral aspect of our Unbridled identity. UnbridledACTS is a non-profit whose vision is to love people to life, which we achieve by building authentic communities, facilitating healing and restoration, empowering each person’s unique calling and contribution, and stewarding strategic partnerships.

All Unbridled companies give their first 20% of profits to charity – which has allowed us to raise millions over the years. With these funds, UnbridledACTS helps uplift and empower individuals in need.

Our purpose is to connect companies with their people. Connect with us to learn more.

  • 95% client retention
  • Over 400 events produced per year
  • Over $4M in charitable giveback
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